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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/18

My life shifted when I came to realization that in the grand scheme of things, I am the rich. I always thought that when people spoke of the rich, and when the bible spoke of the rich it was referring to people significantly more wealthy than myself. When you just look at the numbers though, I have had to realize that my standard of living puts me in a tiny minority. The vast majority (more than 90%) of the world is significantly worse off than me.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/13

I am an introvert by nature. 

That doesn’t mean that I hate people or even that they make me awkward.
What it really means is that I find my own company energizing and the company of most others tiring and draining.
It also means that I have some personal space issues. I am actually very affectionate, but I only desire that affection from very few people. The rest get virtual high-fives or maybe a side-hug if it is a wedding or a funeral.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/12

When I really started to pursue Christ in my mid-twenties, I needed to make some lifestyle and relationship changes.
That meant that I had to shut some friendships down, for a period of time anyway, and I had to break some behavioral patterns by not attending some functions. It was necessary and good, but in hindsight I probably overplayed it a little bit. What that led to was that I lost touch with a lot of friends, and the invites to a lot of functions dried up.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/11

I am passionate about sport and crazy about music.

I love watching and playing sport, and it makes me really joyful to both watch and play music. They are pursuits that God put in me, that fill me up and make me a happier man when I partake in them.

This makes them powerful tools. They can be things that I use to worship God, or they could be idols that I worship instead of God. Because the church knows and recognizes this, they sought through the years to remove the danger of such pursuits by placing them in an all-Christian context.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/10

It doesn’t take a genius to point out the obvious shortcomings in society.
It is very easy indeed to notice where things are going wrong. What is tougher by far is to be someone who has solutions, or even tougher is to be someone who is prepared to be part of the solution through action.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/07

Jozi can be a dangerous place.
It would require delusionary thinking of the highest order to try and pretend that isn’t the case.
The stats are horrible.

As a result of that danger, people in suburbs in Jozi have come up with incredible ways to keep the goodies in and the baddies out. This means that many of us live very secluded lives behind big walls, which help to separate us from the baddies, but end up also separating us from our neighbours.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/06

When I studied in Seattle, the first day of class was probably the best day we experienced in the whole year. They split the city up into different regions and sent us in groups to view the region through the eyes of missionaries. It wasn’t your regular mission trip mind you, as some of the tasks included having lunch in a brilliant pub where the fishermen from “The Deadliest Catch” hang out in the off season, and exploring some incredible coffee shops in Belltown which is probably the quirkiest and most hipster-influenced neighbourhood in the world.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/05

I often have people come up to me and ask how they can effectively be “on mission” at their place of work.
The conversation usually turns to the pragmatics of sharing the gospel around the water cooler by printing up some invites to an Alpha course, or forwarding some Christian emails to co-workers (don’t do this), or opening a staff meeting in prayer (you probably shouldn’t do this either).

The question I have for people who desire to be effective missionaries at work is always,

    “What kind of worker are you?”

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/04

Yesterday we looked at the important theological underpinning to living sent. We reminded ourselves that God is a sending God, who sends His Son, who sends His Spirit who sends the Church. All Christians are sent, some are just living it well and others aren’t.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/09/03

Before we get into the practicalities of what it looks like to live sent in Jozi in our generation, we really need to be sure that we have some right beliefs in place about what it means to be sent by Jesus as a missionary to wherever He has called us.

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Posted by SENT on 2012/08/30

New blog series starting Monday 3 September 2012! Ross Lester will be writing 10 blog posts, on 10 practical ways to live sent, over 10 days. Watch this space.