Easter Devotional

Easter Devotional

We put this devotional together as part of our Easter series, which we are running alongside our Kids’ Church & Reach Youth curriculum. We are excited about this collaboration.

As a church family, we desire to go deeper in prayer, pastoring, and simplicity. And this devotion is one of the ways we hope to build on this vision. We want to dig deeper through engaging our hearts with the gospel, reading scripture more, and encouraging community & prayer.

Before you begin:

This Easter Dinner Devotional is a weekly devotional. Each week is made up of 4 steps for you to participate in.

Step 1: READ the scripture below (out loud if you are doing it in a group).

Step 2: REFLECT on the text, and then discuss some of the questions (for those of you with smaller children, feel free to only use the underlined questions).

Step 3: APPLY this lesson to your life/lives this week.

Step 4: PRAY the prayer provided or your own prayer.

It also includes context for each scripture, to enable more conversation and reflection in the devotion. This is for anyone – a new believer, mature believer, someone who carves out regular time to read God’s word, and those who currently struggle in devotion.

We designed this devotion to be done within families, friendship groups, and communities. And these do not have to be the same people every week. While we encourage you to participate in them with others, this is not prescriptive, as it is also a great devotion that can benefit you in your personal quiet time.

Lastly, we would love to encourage you to journal any thoughts, reflections or testimonies that may arise while doing this devotion. This is so helpful to look back on, but also helpful for us. We would love to hear your stories about how this time in God’s word and in community has been a blessing to you.

We pray that this devotional serves you well.

Much love,

The BBC Team