Justice:Mercy is a love-driven, biblically based, discipleship response to the presence of injustice in our society. It aims to restore the balance of justice through acts of mercy that include generosity to the poor, advocacy for the oppressed and redemption for the oppressors. We believe that we are the hands and feet of Jesus who, having been loved by Him, are sent out to show the world His character and person.

We believe to be effective in this mandate means to engage in dynamic initiatives and proactively seek out partnerships and find solutions that engage the root causes of the problems that plague our society. These endeavours are love-driven and make much of the Gospel in giving glory to God while making disciples.

"16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16). See how you can spend your time “Helping the vulnerable and preaching the Gospel” with us as a church.

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As a nation that bears the burden of the highest gini coefficient on the African continent, we realise that the problems of the poor are increasing by the day. As a church we aim to come around the poor with love, providing a hand up instead of a hand-out and most importantly welcome them into spiritual community with us as we break down the relational divides that have separated us in the past.

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

As a church we seek to partner with organisations that provide a place of safety for vulnerable children that allow for the creation of a caring family environment, while enabling the children access to education services and medical facilities, which are otherwise not provided for them.


There are forms of oppression that exist first and foremost in the human heart. The systematic injustice and brokenness that is present in the world often causes people to live out destructive behaviour characterised by decisions for perceived short term benefit but result in long term self-imposed victimisation. Empathy for these prodigal sons and daughters drives compassion in helping them to confront deep sources of hurt and making an offer of redemption at the cross. This ministry functions on the premise that while people may be largely victims at their own hand they are not outside of the Grace of God and the compassion of His Church.

What are you doing? (Initiate Justice)

Initiate Justice is a Justice:Mercy ministry through which church congregants, individuals or groups can put forward a plan/initiative that is close to their hearts and receive structured assistance if that plan/initiative lines up strategically with the ministry’s vision of “Helping the Vulnerable and Preaching the Gospel”.

Are you planning or hosting any events you would like to promote? Are you undertaking any compassionate justice initiatives that you would like us to support? Are you involved in any external initiatives that you think BBC should get involved in? We want to know what you are up to and how we can support you.

Please let us know. Email ray@bbc.org.za