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Can I Become a Christian?

The answer is both yes and no. No, in the sense that there aren’t any rituals, rites, ceremonies one has to go through, or laws, rules and regulations that one has to perform in order to become a Christian. From…

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Where to From Here?

In the first blog post of this series, we addressed the question of how to become a Christian (see previous blog post entitled “Can I become a Christian?”). In this post, we will focus on what we ought to do once…

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How to Action Your New Found Faith!

When I first became a Christian, I had no idea how to grow my faith or what action plans to take. At the time I was a teenager, and my Youth Pastor sat me down and asked me if I…

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Failing Forward

As she stood there in the temple, her accusers smugly and judgmentally gazing down at her, Jesus bent down and wrote on the ground, and then he stood up and simply said; “Let him who is without sin among you…

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Be Ready in Season and Out

“To be honest, I just don’t think that God has given me that gift.”  “I just don’t know what to say to someone, where do I even start?” These are just a few of the reasons we can give for…

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