Bible Reading Plans

Reading the whole Bible in a year may feel like a stretch. Why not try reading through the New Testament this year?

  • 1.       30 Days - here.
  • 2.       100 Days - here.

Choose your own reading plan and Bible translation and sign up to receive it daily to your email. There are multiple options to choose from. Available here.

This plan is aimed at helping readers to read the Old Testament through a New Testament lens. Available here.

If you have a smart phone you have a reading plan at your fingertips. This app is free and has multiple reading plans to choose from as well as other features. Most of us have the app on our phones, now we can start using it. Available here.

For a range of options including print, mobile, email and more check out the ESV site. They have something for everyone.



You may have started Bible reading plans many times before but fell behind and gave up. This plan is for you! It has been set up with no specific dates to follow. You can still complete your yearly plan but in your own time without worrying about keeping to the exact dates. Get it here.

The Bible reading plan was previously in book format that has now been converted into a blog, and can be subscribed to. It has a daily devotional written by theologian D. A. Carson. It is a great way to reflect on some of the scriptures in your daily reading at a deeper level. It comes with a free iPhone App.

For Website - click here.

For APP - click here.

Our Bibles are not structured chronologically. For those wanting to read it in that order, try one of these 2 plans:

1.       The Bible in one year - click here.

2.       Only the main characters in 61 days - click here.