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A Life Of Significance

There is something about being human, something about waking up every morning and feeling our hearts beat in our chests. We know it means something…  What if there was a way to answer this deep call for purpose? A way…

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Anonymous Heroes

When we feel useless to the people in our lives, we can start asking the question: “Can God use me?” The answer to this question is… YES! We believe in and serve a God who sees. In our short mini-series…

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The Cross

As Easter fast approaches, we need to ask ourselves one question... What does the Cross of Christ actually mean to the Christian faith?

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Nothing Better Than Jesus

We can know Him. He has revealed Himself to us. We have been set apart to follow Him. This is a call to faith and to perseverance. In confidence we declare that there is Nothing Better Than Jesus.

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Elephant in the Home

We all know that feeling, right? Walking through the front door of your home and knowing there is an issue you have to deal with but just don’t know where to start... How do you deal with the Elephant in…

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Broken Faith

Like a home broken down to its foundations after a storm, so can our faith feel broken after times of difficulty and suffering. But take heart, you can rebuild a broken faith.

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Simply put, the Gospel is for everyone! There is no barrier, line or boundary that can prevent the Gospel from prevailing... The Gospel is "Borderless"!

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Easter Sunday

This Easter Sunday, we reflected and rejoiced around this one truth: The Son of God Lives!

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