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Posted by Raymond Amm on 2013/08/13

It is said, at present South Africa has a gini coefficient of 63.14.  It’s a fancy number but what it means is a relatively small percentage of the total population has the lion’s share of the country’s total income.  In turn this means that what some are able to spend on a Sunday lunch is equivalent to another family’s monthly rent.  What some are able to spend on monthly coffee fixes would be enough to feed a person over the same period. 

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Posted by Raymond Amm on 2013/04/03

The "haves" and the "have nots": the divide that exists in South Africa between the well-heeled and those who simply don’t have shoes. These two groups rarely interact in a meaningful way, but when they do it makes for very awkward exchanges.

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Posted by Raymond Amm on 2013/02/06

Racist is a harsh term in our country. It’s a word jaded by harsh history, unruly political figures and satirical comedians. One struggles to hear it without suspicioun of unforeseen agendas waiting to be made clear.

Before you switch off, or turn the shields up, let’s examine it. Racism is really nothing more than suspicion directed towards people of another race, culture or ethnic tradition. An innate predisposition towards someone based on preconceived stereo types and clichés. In the end its just garden variety prejudice.