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Elder & Pastor of True North Church

Tumi lives in Jo’burg with his wife, Lalie and their two children Ariella and Asher. Prior to ministry, he worked as an administrator in an open source software company, but has been involved in full time ministry since 2006. He joined BBC in 2015, as a church planter and is currently the Lead Pastor of True North Church.

Tumi became a Christian at a young age, and throughout his youth, he was involved in various ministry areas, in a number of churches in the East Rand. He loves God and loves South Africa. As a result, he has a passion for the teaching of the Bible with the aim of building strong, godly communities in South Africa, to the glory of God. He also enjoys travelling, reading history and test driving cars. He has become quite an accomplished brewer of kombucha.

Tumi has a B.A. Honours degree in Theology and Sociology and an M.A. in Historical Theological Studies. He is currently busy with his Ph.D. studies.

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